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We are Slim
architecture, stories, atmosphere
from basic concept to final detail
journey and goal

We are convinced that architecture is not just about shelter, but above all about experiencing life stories and different atmospheres. The space we inhabit for long periods of time shapes us in a certain way. So do the things and materials we surround ourselves with. Let's not make compromises. We’re happy to work on a project from the first conceptual design to the client’s acceptance of implementation. Many of us have a certain addiction, and ours is clinging to the smallest detail of a project. Aesthetics is the main aspect of our work, but we pay equal attention to practicality, functionality or the fidelity of the material.

We’ve had the opportunity to devote our time to many renovations and interior design projects. In a certain way, we’ve already profiled ourselves in this direction. We have a specific style that we simply enjoy. It may not fit everyone, but we love it and always try to keep pushing it. It’s not just about concrete, black steel or raw wood, although we don't hide the fact that they’re our favorites. We also enjoy haptics; materials that make you want to reach out and touch them! Either for their roughness or, on the contrary, their fragility. But it’s not just about details. We’re also happy to offer our clients comprehensive architectural services.



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We consider architectural design to be a very individual matter. That’s why we’ll be happy to guide you through the entire process. In some cases it might be a rocky road, but it will be worth it. You – our clients – are the ones everything revolves around. We see the design process as a shared effort arising from our experience and your requirements. That’s why we need to know your tastes, your needs and your desires so that we can design exactly what you want and need.


The answer is simple: As soon as possible :) If everything is to turn out the way both sides want it to, it’s advisable to allow sufficient time for all phases of the project.


We’ll start with the most important thing - meeting, ideally in person and on the project site. We’ll discuss your intentions, show you our documentation outputs and clarify the scope of our possible cooperation. After the introductory dialogue, we’ll prepare a price offer according to the previous agreement. We’ll then divide the project into partial phases and schedule dates for their implementation. This meeting is completely commitment-free.


To develop the project, we’ll first need some time for our creative work. This is followed by another personal meeting, where we’ll present the basic concepts of the project to you. Based on this consultation, we’ll continue to work on the proposal. We’re aware of the individuality of each project, and that’s why we’re grateful for as much feedback as possible during this design phase.


An architectural design needs to include the proper technical parameters, and this is what this phase of the project is for. We’ll prepare documentation for a zoning / building permit, a one-stage project, documentation for interior design, or a budget. This naturally depends on what documents the building plan will require.


Sometimes it’s not enough for the client and architect to simply agree on a project. If your building plan requires it, we’ll find out the conditions the building authority requests to permit it. Subsequently, we can help you with the necessary statements and request approval / permission from the building authority. If you’re interested in arranging the permits yourself, we can still be of assistance.


We’ll be glad if our cooperation continues on even after the project has been submitted. If you’re interested, we’ll also be available for the implementation phase. At this stage, we can help with selecting a contractor or ensuring the designer’s supervision, but also with recommending suppliers whose work we can vouch for.

Slim team

Each of us is a little different, which allows us to see things from various angles as we complement each other. However, we do have one thing in common - we are perfectionists who look at every project as a challenge. We like to meet new people and see new places. We care about mutual relationships both with our clients and naturally within our own studio.

We cooperate with external specialists for specific professions such as fire safety, construction-engineering, technical building installations or budgets. The craftsmen who have participated in several of our project realizations are also considered to be members of our wider team. We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty, and that’s paid off in our results. Every mutual project has allowed us continually to move one step ahead.

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Brandýs nad Labem, 250 01
Czech Republic

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Štěpán Lajda
Ing. arch. Štěpán Lajda, Ph.D.
Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.T. S. Eliot
Štěpán vystudoval obor Architektura a stavitelství na ČVUT v Praze, při kterém absolvoval stáž na pražském institutu North Carolina State University. Během své několikaleté praxe získal zkušenosti se širokou škálou projektů – od návrhu interiérů po návrh územního celku. Mimo vlastní architektonickou praxi působí Štěpán od roku 2014 na akademické půdě jako odborný asistent Katedry architektury na ČVUT v Praze, kde vede návrhové ateliéry. V roce 2016 zakládá ateliér SLIM a 2022 obhajuje disertační práci na téma aktivních solárních systémů v architektuře.
Iveta Lajdová
Ing. arch. Iveta Lajdová, ČKA 04 560
Do it with passion or not at all!:)
Iveta je absolventkou oboru Architektura a stavitelství na ČVUT v Praze. Díky její spolupráci s několika archietktonickými ateliéry získala zkušenosti s pestrou škálou projektů i jejich jednotlivými fázemi. V roce 2016 zakládá ateliér SLIM. Roku 2017 se Iveta stala členem České komory architektů. Od roku 2021 má na starosti ten nejdůležitější „projekt“ – rodičovskou dovolenou se svou dcerou. Po pár měsících se již opět zapojuje do návrhového procesu v ateliéru SLIM.
Lucie Hoidekrová
Ing. arch. Lucie Hoidekrová
Kamkoliv jdeš, jdi celým svým srdcem.Konfucius
Jiří Krátký
Bc. Jiří Krátký
Je lepší shořet, než vyhasnout.K. Cobain
Do it with passion or not at all!